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DC, the young creator, honed a very special vision of fashion and its trends from his French origins and exciting years he spent in Paris and on the French Riviera. But it was in New York, where he has been living for some time, that he has launched his own high-end brand of shoes and leather goods, called “Montaigne Paris.”

He has conceived an exclusive collection, not only in the choice of his raw material, but also in the extreme care taken in its finishing touches, which are simply unparalleled. He is also very particular about having full control over the manufacture of his models, whether it is when making shoes, purses or other small leather goods.

Everything starts with a painstaking selection of raw materials. Calf leather comes from the best tanneries, whereas stingray, crocodile and python skins are carefully selected from the most beautiful specimens for the beauty of their grain. Their preparation and cutting receive the utmost attention, if only to respect the direction of the skin, thus giving it greater flexibility.

Each model is entirely handmade by passionate craft workers who use age-old expertise. As is true for every rare creation, a “Montaigne Paris” is worth waiting for. Anything that is exceptional requires time, and this is the reason why owning a “Montaigne Paris” will require some patience. 

Passionate about elegance and symbols, DC has chosen for his work a brand name imbued in luxury, values, and history, just like his creations...

Montaigne Paris "A New Legend is Born"